Concept space

Englebart used the term “concept space”, and I think it’s a good term.

Version control, for example, is a relic of the past. It assumes we’re editing files, and that we’re editing them in isolation.

What if we were editing objects in memory, or in “concept space”?

How could we work without stepping on each other’s toes, and yet still be productive, while maintaining a history of our work?

Imagine a group of people at computers collaborating in realtime on the things in the “concept space”! It could allow us to bypass the language and communication barriers by directly outputting our ideas, using programming languages (which one?) into the concept space.

Perhaps the concept spaces could be overlaid. Instead of existing in isolation, you could toggle other concept spaces and immediately see the differences, intersections, and what was the same. Data visualization could produce interesting numbers and statistics between people and their ideas.

Is it possible to achieve a level of nonverbal communication (akin to playing music with band members) that could facilitate an emotional connection using a concept-space-like system?

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