Excel dataflow

Github / package manager for excel. think zapier, plugging services together intelligently, except your spreadsheet in excel / google docs becomes a hub rather than the data being 100% decentralized.

write a package manager in VBA that allows one-click installs of third-party services like a CRM or charting tool. inbound data as well – for example, unbounce going into your spreadsheet. then, each sheet can become a data hub, a visualization tool, that lets you edit and watch these changes propogate in both directions.

googling “vba excel” yields just awful results. professionals already use ifttt and zapier to piece these things together, it needs to be easier to use and messy.

build up from VBA, or javascript for google docs, that lets you use actually useful primitives (such as network access, (de)serialization, authentication, and more).

related: plugin for excel that lets you run db queries against another database, and the results show up in the spreadsheet (no need to copy/export out of your database) — need an open source, easy-to-install odbc driver for all platforms (http://www.boriel.com/en/2013/01/16/postgresql-odbc-connection-from-mac-os-x/)