Moving to Tahoe


In case you hadn’t heard, I’ll be moving out of my place in San Francisco in January and into a place in South Lake Tahoe for the next year or so. It’s a fork in the road for me; I arrived in SF in June 2010 living out of my backpack. I depart SF with an immense sense of gratitude for the people I’ve met and worked with over the last 7 years.

Thank you to the friends I’ve made here for making the last 7 years of my life fun and meaningful. And thank you Justin and Brian for letting me move in and for putting up with me in the same house for nearly all of those 7 years!

While I can’t wait to get out into the mountains and enjoy the outdoors, I fully expect to be back in SF frequently. So I won’t be a complete stranger. And next time you’re in Tahoe, shoot me a message, I’d love to meet up!

Hack the planet!