Weekly roundup

My favorite links from this week:

  1. This Is The Hollowed-Out World That Outrage Culture Has Created
  2. Dunkirk re-edited as a silent film
  3. Seriously, You — OK, We — need to stop watching the news this year
  4. The unreasonable efficiency of black holes
  5. The first humans in America may not have been homo sapiens
  6. Long Rise and Fade Fall of New York’s Black Mafia
  7. Land is underrated as a source of wealth
  8. The first photo of the moon from 1839
  9. Palm webOS gestures w/ voiceover from iPhone X keynote
  10. Why Do We Need to Sleep?
  11. Nissan reveals predictive brain-to-vehicle technology
  12. NSA’s top talent is leaving
  13. Don’t Be Evil
  14. Meltdown and Spectre
  15. What Self-Awareness Really Is
  16. Ancient Infant’s DNA Reveals New Clues to How the Americas Were Peopled
  17. How One Company Made It’s Analytics Investment Pay Off (and my take)
  18. You’re Descended from Royalty and So Is Everyone Else
  19. Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO Social Capital, on Money as an Instrument of Change
  20. Some good news, for once
  21. The Jobs that AI Will Create
  22. US road grid corrections because of earth’s curvature
  23. Dronestagram’s photo collection
  24. The Continental Divide Trail in 4 minutes
  25. Plants going up on SpaceX CRS-13
  26. Twilight of the Winterkeepers
  27. Act Last, Read the Room, and Taste the Soup
  28. Ask Dr. Time: Orality and Literacy from Homer to Twitter
  29. The Midlife Crisis Trilogy, Part 3

Have a great weekend!