Weekly Roundup

Here’s my collection of favorite links from this week:

  1. A small NY town with 5 used bookstores
  2. Discovered the ChangeMyView subreddit from this Wired article
  3. A decent write-up of the sheer number of details that confront us when we build things
  4. Benedict Evans predicts the future of TV, retail, and advertising
  5. A cool photo collection of Moscow’s metro system
  6. A picture from the Upper Michigan Blizzard of 1938:snowpoles_brinkman_960
  7. Primitive Technology is one of my favorite youtube channels. Here’s the newest: A frame hut
  8. Good news: legal marijuana seems to be making a sizable impact on the Mexican drug trafficking organizations
  9. Why hasn’t the world been destroyed in a nuclear war yet?
  10. This is fairly insane: If you watch closely enough, everything is a speaker
  11. Steve Yegge is leaving Google after many years. Here’s why. (Also, what a great piece of recruiting collateral.)
  12. A 1-hr video by Jason Cohen (ASmartBear): Designing the Ideal Bootstrapped Business
  13. Dumb but hilarious: What if Wookiees sounded like Pee-Wee Herman
  14. Self explanatory: Snowboarding surfing powder listening to Debussy

Have a great week!