Weekly Round-up

Here are my favorite links from the week:

  1. A fantastic Jack Ma interview (Executive Chairman at Alibaba) about his success, his philosophy and management style, among other things
  2. Here’s a dry, long one: The Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns.
  3. An hour-long, in-depth overview of Apple’s Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) from DEFCON last year. This is the processor on your iPhone that securely stores some of your data. It’s a fairly technical talk that will require a rudimentary understanding of OS concepts. I learned a lot from this — I had no idea this chip was so sophisticated. It’s basically a dedicated SoC with its own OS and applications.
  4. Uncle Bob Martin on Operating Behind the Power Curve – I’d argue it’s not really startup culture that encourages operating behind the power curve, it’s leadership and management decision making. It’s not a simple task to explain why the engineering team needs to take time off in order to move faster, later. In fact, good leaders¬†should provide constant tension to move faster and faster. Engineering management needs the ability to provide the counter-tension without becoming adversarial. This is tough for many people.
  5. Someone built a class browser for python. This is really cool. It reminds me of my own project, RubyTalk (an attempt to build a system browser for ruby in the spirit of SmallTalk.
  6. A fascinating thread on reddit by a Stanford engineering requesting help retrieving a malfunctioning weather balloon payload 3 miles off the PCT
  7. A video from 1983 showcasing Smalltalk-80
  8. See with your ears: Spielberg and Sound Design
  9. An interesting glimpse into the world of bitcoin mining in Venezuela
  10. A relevant quote from the movie Hackers: “Snoop onto them as they snoop onto us”. A story about the Dutch infiltration of Cozy Bear, Russia’s hacker group
  11. I agree with this: I miss blogrolls. I have recently recovered all my old Google Reader RSS subscriptions from an archive I forgot I made and began using NewsBlur. It’s wonderful.
  12. The startling link between sugar and Alzheimer’s

Have a great weekend!