Hotel California

Here’s a cool video that explains the music theory behind the song:

(From Uncrate)

When I was in high school, this was one of my favorite songs to play. Especially the solo. Being able to play it made me feel like I was accomplished, because it’s sort of a complex solo that strings together all the different “boxes” you learn about when you’re just starting out with scales and modes and such.

I remember my guitar teacher transcribing this for me and teaching me how to play it, and it always felt like I really complex song.

Weekly Roundup

The week’s image is Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness.

Onto the links:

I’ve begun reading Leviathan Wakes and am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Have a great weekend.

On early adopters

Re-reading the seminal Crossing the Chasm:

First, and most crucially, they want the truth, and without any tricks. Second, wherever possible, whenever they have a technical problem, they want access to the most technically knowledgeable person to answer it.