Tuesday morning links

A reminder: As great as Tahoe is, you are not allowed to visit right now. Please stay home.

Some links for you today:

Lastly, from one of my favorite blogs (Classic Programmer Paintings):

Experienced developer deploys hot fix on production.

Saturday evening links

Some interesting links from the last couple of days:

Lastly, The Virtue of Silence. An excerpt:

Silence is a hard virtue. All the other virtues have the advantage that, when you practice them, people will praise you. Sometimes if your moral system is very different from your friends’ people will attack you for your virtues, but getting attacked by sufficiently horrible people can sometimes be just as gratifying as praise. But if you stay silent, there’s no praise and no attacks. By definition, no one even knows you made a courageous moral choice.

I recommend reading the whole thing.

Thursday morning links

Some interesting links for your Thursday morning:

And some videos to keep you curious during your time stuck at home:

Any time I get the opportunity to learn about major technology success and failure stories from world-class executives who were there, I jump at the opportunity. Here’s several valuable hours of history directly from Jon Rubenstein. If you aren’t familiar with who he is, you’re in for a treat. Skip to the second video if you’re most interested in NeXT + Apple + Palm stuff.

Stay healthy!