Tuesday links

Some interesting links for your Tuesday:

  1. Mortal combat actors vs. characters
  2. Internet traffic is up 20% due to the pandemic – and it is performing just fine
  3. A spot-on satire of why $FAMOUS COMPANY switched to $HYPED_TECH
  4. Six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months in 1965
  5. A collection of 2020 Big Picture Competition winners
  6. The cast of Back to the Future reunites for charity
  7. Not all startups fit the pattern of Silicon Valley success – Zoom, for example
  8. What are the consequences of oil’s collapse?
  9. A video featuring people who were alive during the Bolshevik revolution (highly recommended)
  10. Solar’s future is insanely cheap
  11. NASA releases basic principles for Moon exploration
  12. Spotify vs. Fitbit (org structure, processes, etc)

Have a great day!