Monday links

Some interesting stuff to start your week off:

  1. A powerful photo series: This doctor just endured the deadliest week of his career
  2. This puts words to a gut feeling I had for a long time about bootcamp grads (not what you think)
  3. A masochist recreates a calendaring service for fun
  4. Meet the Mozarts
  5. A theory about the proliferation of inexpensive subscriptions: Five Buck Fatigue
  6. Musing about personal vs. work relationships
  7. Exploring conformity: The Four Quadrants of Conformism
  8. In case it’s not obvious: Russia is not a democracy. “Were the mercenaries operating in Belarus with Kremlin approval?”
  9. An excellent write-up on The roots of wokeness. I’ve become convinced the average person has no clue about the underpinnings of this movement. It’s terrifying.