Wednesday links

  1. A simple way to frame proposed changes as experiments that I frequently use
  2. Revisiting Rdio – the best music streaming service ever created
  3. How to create interactive HTML trees with no javascript
  4. Multi apps are like a lightweight Electron, built on Webkit rather than Chromium (see also: Flotato)
  5. FiveThirtyEight released their 2020 election forecast (and, if you can stand to read it, here’s why they believe Trump may still have an electoral college advantage despite Biden’s current polling lead. Educate yourself!)
  6. Apparently Boeing 747s still get critical updates from floppy disks (!)
  7. An excellent post on keeping the caliber of your teams consistent, avoiding inadvertently creating a caste system in your company, and more. Highly recommended.
  8. I agree with this: complicated productivity tools make you less productive

And finally, I thought this was interesting: