Thursday Links

  1. Something I have always struggled with: embracing meditation and also embracing ambition
  2. This one hits way too close to home: Why Outdoorsy types suck at money
  3. Starting in the 2030s, the moon will cause coastal flooding. This is very soon.
  4. I find these two (conflicting) opinions both to be true. It means we’re not asking the right questions IMO: The Invisible Boot and America’s Abstract Freedom
  5. What ever happened to flirting? and Mate Selection for Modernity. Online dating is truly horrible.
  6. Stripe for AI: Scale, Rational in the fullness of time. Excellent.
  7. Global warming ate my homework – snarky but mostly true
  8. On a lighter note: Illustrations from Japanese Fireworks Catalogues circle 1880s
  9. The most comprehensive writeup on the cause of California Wildfires yet
  10. Absolutely excellent: How I Became the Honest Broker