Project to Product and Greatness

Jessitron writes:

Software is not an up-front investment that pays off over its use. Software is an ongoing concern, an intricate piece of a business that needs to evolve if the business is going to.


The difference between people good at receiving direction and people who generate their own direction, according to Kegan, is not a personality trait or a skill. It is a way of viewing the world. An epistomology, an “order of consciousness,” a “gradual development of psychological complexity,” a way of defining yourself.

(Read the source post, it’s good.)

This is the same thing that L. David Marquet discusses in one of my favorite talks of all time, Greatness:

(You should also read his book)

He writes:

The leader-leader model not only achieves great improvements in effectiveness and morale but also makes the organization stronger. Most critically, these improvements are enduring, decoupled from the leader’s personality and presence. Leader-leader structures are significantly more resilient, and they do not rely on the designated leader always being right. Further, leader-leader structures spawn additional leaders throughout the organization naturally. It can’t be stopped.

Once you see organizations this way, you cannot unsee it. Providing clarity of the goal and ensuring competence so that you can give control to the individuals on the team is an absolute, complete game changer. And it’s exactly what Jessitron’s post is all about.