Saturday links

  1. Everything you wanted to know about the Delta variant of Covid
  2. 6 Simple ways to be less divisive at work
  3. A local newspaper is thriving after shifting their business model
  4. Boz on the problem with proximate cause
  5. A prediction that this year’s fire season will be worse than last year
  6. Brad Feld’s thoughts on the difference between investment and speculation
  7. How 101 Dalmations saved Disney

Thursday Links

  1. Something I have always struggled with: embracing meditation and also embracing ambition
  2. This one hits way too close to home: Why Outdoorsy types suck at money
  3. Starting in the 2030s, the moon will cause coastal flooding. This is very soon.
  4. I find these two (conflicting) opinions both to be true. It means we’re not asking the right questions IMO: The Invisible Boot and America’s Abstract Freedom
  5. What ever happened to flirting? and Mate Selection for Modernity. Online dating is truly horrible.
  6. Stripe for AI: Scale, Rational in the fullness of time. Excellent.
  7. Global warming ate my homework – snarky but mostly true
  8. On a lighter note: Illustrations from Japanese Fireworks Catalogues circle 1880s
  9. The most comprehensive writeup on the cause of California Wildfires yet
  10. Absolutely excellent: How I Became the Honest Broker