Monday Links

  1. Feeling like a victim is a perfectly disastrous way to go through life. Choice quote from Viktor Frankl (who survived the Holocaust): When we are no longer able to change a situation—just think of an incurable disease such as inoperable cancer—we are challenged to change ourselves.
  2. Systems vs. Goals. This one has taken me some time to come around to, but I’m convinced of it now.
  3. Some interesting thoughts on what Elon is planning with twitter; my favorite quote: Liberalism in the Obama era was an essentially dynamist enterprise not because liberals were absolutely committed to capital-S Science but because those years encouraged a confidence that the major technological changes of the 21st century were making the world a more liberal place. Whether it was social media shaking Middle Eastern autocrats, the Obama campaign running circles around its Republican opponents with online organizing or just the general drift leftward on social issues that seemed to accompany the internet revolution, progressives around 2010 felt a general confidence that technological and political progress were conjoined. This rings true to me. One of the questions it raises is whether or not opinions ventured on social media are upstream or downstream from mainstream opinion. I tend to believe they’re locked in a feedback loop, which I find even scarier.
  4. There are too many scams in higher education (well, really, one big scam)
  5. The optimal line length for online articles is 50 to 75 characters