Welcome! I’m Dave. This is where I keep my random writing, ideas, quotes, and other tidbits I like.

About me

Things I love: the outdoors, IPAs, dogs, good books. My favorite book is Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Here’s a post with one reason why.

After 8 years of living in San Francisco, I recently moved to South Lake Tahoe to be closer to nature and to explore non-city living. I love it.


I’ve teamed up with my old friend and colleague Jared to build a virtual office. We believe the covid-19 pandemic combined with the mass exodus from Silicon Valley means our professional lives are unlikely to return to “normal” anytime soon. All teams are now distributed teams.

So, our goal is to provide you and your team some of the serendipity and spontaneity you lost in the move to remote in a virtual office of your own. Stay tuned!


I was founder & CEO at Jellyswitch. We built an operating system for coworking space operators to get them leverage on their time and help them provision the best possible experience for their members. I’m extremely proud of the product and the impact we had on the indie coworking world. (And now it’s open source!)


I spent 5+ years as the Cofounder and CTO at Bloc. I left in May 2017. Bloc was the first online coding bootcamp. It’s a company that became data driven, using objective-based learning and quality mentorship to help students launch new careers.

I played numerous roles at the company over my tenure, including cofounder, member of the executive team, engineering, engineering management, general management of our longest program and its mentor team, and curriculum development.

I am incredibly proud of all of the students we’ve assisted in transitioning to their new careers, the robust, professional, high quality mentor team at the company, and the lasting culture of genuine student advocacy, high performance, relying on data, and thriving on radically candid feedback.