Connect heart rate monitors so that people you interact with are connected. When i argue with someone, I can feel their heart rate increase. When we are having fun, we both feel relaxed.

HTTP as a file system

I want to be able to treat URIs as files in unix:

$ cat /http/

There are all sorts of implications here. In Unix, you can read and write files. You can also **execute** files:

$ /http/some_music_site my_mp3_file.mp3

Arguments could be passed as byte streams or whatever is simplest (or most appropriate for the data type). Text should be preferred — the receiving file (program, executable, web app?) is responsible for receiving data elegantly just like any other unix program would.

The concept of, say, a blog, could be transformed. I’m currently stuck with the wordpress editor if I’m using a wordpress blog. I could edit a blog post using whatever editor I wanted, as long as my blog was implemented as an HTTP API that understood how to be treated like a unix file.

This could be a library that HTTP servers could use, or it could just be a convention. It would be awesome to be able to do:

$ mkdir


Transactions as a service

Database transactions are pretty awesome.  They’re useful in all sorts of scenarios, from concurrency to exception handling.  Software-Transactional-Memory is similarly awesome — transactions for memory.

I want transactions for everything.

Imagine doing this in the shell:

$ begin transaction
$ echo "volatile value" > some_file.txt
$ git add . && git commit -m "volatile commit"
$ git push heroku master
$ end transaction

There are all sorts of reasons this  won’t work.  Imagine all the possible scenarios you’d need in order to make this happen — what happens if I “`curl -X POST “`?  Can I undo a POST?

Yeah it would be really hard.   But it wold *rock*.