Friday links

  1. Anger increases susceptibility to misinformation – on both sides, this seems important
  2. The arctic is shifting to a completely new climate (from ice and snow to water and rain)
  3. The media learned nothing from 2016
  4. A neat meditative sculpture exhibit
  5. On North Korea and nuclear war in 2017
  6. Rare footage of Jimi Hendrix performing Voodoo Child

And finally:

Friday reading

Some interesting reading for you today:

  1. Oliver Burkeman’s Eight Secrets to a (Fairly) Fulfilled Life
  2. One theory about the relationship between specialization and innovation
  3. I (re)discovered Lara Hogan’s excellent post about building a Voltron
  4. Some crafting wisdom on the humble function

An excellent classic:

And in case you hadn’t seen it, much of California is on fire. For example:

Have a great weekend and stay healthy.

Saturday Links

  1. Things in Belarus are not going well
  2. Bill Murray’s face inserted into famous paintings
  3. The case for Lost Advanced civilizations
  4. Microsoft Flight Simulator has some hilarious bugs
  5. The coming backlash against Slack (I agree with this)
  6. Citizen scientists spot 95 cold brown dwarfs near our sun
  7. Harvard astronomer is arguing that we’ve been visited by aliens
  8. When and how do you concede?

And finally: