Junior Developer Hiring Rubric

Are you interested in hiring junior developers onto your team, but are not quite sure how to screen for the best candidates?

I’ve developed a simple hiring rubric over the last decade that will help you assess your candidate pool, weed out the low performers, and maximize the chances of success for your early career developers.

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  • My two-step process for screening junior dev candidates
  • Why hiring for pure technical aptitude won’t work
  • Specific attributes I look for when assessing a candidate’s personality
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Kind words from clients & fans

People who can individually move small mountains are rare. Those who can do that and also get those around them to that level are even rarer. Dave is one of these people.

Jason, Chief Product Officer @ Maven Clinic

Dave created an extremely valuable asset out of a product that was sliding precipitously towards liability. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for professionals who get the job done.

Ryan Wehner, CEO @ Compass Multifamily

Dave helped me out a ton in building an apprenticeship position at Proton. If you’re interested in bringing junior talent onto your team check him out!

Brad, Software Engineer @ Proton Radio

Dave’s been an invaluable source of advice for me in my own entrepreneurship travails. He has strong principles, and isn’t afraid to voice them, but does so without an ego, just a humble, genuine desire to help.

Charles, Cofounder @ Coder School