Instant Gratification

In our age of emotional safeguarding – where we are protecting the people closest to us from feeling uncomfortable, individuals can’t become adults. Age is not the problem. The issue is the thinking part. We grow up believing that everything should be easy and everyone should respect us but when reality strikes, and then things get hard. When we receive honest comments about our work. We feel crushed. That’s why we tend to indulge in activities that bring us immediate gains so we can feel better.

From How to Overcome Instant Gratification

Hunting Tech Debt via Org Charts

So many problems can be understood very clearly by looking at the org chart as context. This article is about tech debt, but notice that the root causes are incentives. I find this type of perspective extremely illuminating.

I had too many highlights to quote them all here. I highly suggest giving this a read: Hunting Tech Debt via Org Charts