Wednesday Links

  1. How many American children have cut contact with their parents?
  2. Neither common sense nor science seem to be guiding our travel restrictions
  3. American Spaceman, Body and Soul. Absolutely, positively recommended.
  4. My new favorite website (Rest of World) on how tech companies should plan for Hong Kong’s precarious future
  5. As always, SMBC delivers hilarity. This time on how AI will evolve.
  6. Second order anxiety (Boz)
  7. How to engineer flow (this mostly works for me)

On a more professional development note, I’ve been reading Martin Fowler & Team’s excellent Patterns of Legacy Displacement. If you work on legacy software it’s a must-read.

Monday morning links

  1. Why is China smashing it’s tech industry? TL;DR: The government wants to shift the country’s momentum to “hard tech”, away from consumer-facing tech
  2. Jazz musician lettering. My personal favorite is Freddie Hubbard.
  3. David Sacks on the “correct” org charts for startups at different stages
  4. Delegate outcomes, not methods: “Delegation is in part a learning opportunity, and being overly proscriptive about methods robs your delegate of much of the opportunity to learn.” AMEN.
  5. Farm Bank let players make money, while supporting real farms. Then the CEO vanished with $80 million
  6. Walter Kirn on the state of journalism today, recommended
  7. Why “Bring solutions, not problems” isn’t really the best approach
  8. A retrospective on Jeff Bezos’ famous memo
  9. How China is tweaking the story of Christ to fit the CCP’s desired narrative

And finally: Games people play with cash flow

Saturday links

  1. Everything you wanted to know about the Delta variant of Covid
  2. 6 Simple ways to be less divisive at work
  3. A local newspaper is thriving after shifting their business model
  4. Boz on the problem with proximate cause
  5. A prediction that this year’s fire season will be worse than last year
  6. Brad Feld’s thoughts on the difference between investment and speculation
  7. How 101 Dalmations saved Disney