• Tuesday links

    Some interesting links to start your day off: Ariana Pekary on leaving MSNBC as a journalist: “We are a cancer and there is no cure,” a successful and insightful TV veteran said to me. “But if you could find a cure, it would change the world.” ETHMail is a simple email hosting service for ethereum…More

  • Monday links

    Some interesting stuff to start your week off: A powerful photo series: This doctor just endured the deadliest week of his career This puts words to a gut feeling I had for a long time about bootcamp grads (not what you think) A masochist recreates a calendaring service for fun Meet the Mozarts A theory…More

  • Government, local businesses, and tech companiesMore

  • Moonlander Keyboard

    I’m not usually one for these types of keyboards but I have to admit I want this one. The Moonlander.More

  • Wednesday Links

    Some links for you to check out: Meet the 3 spacecraft heading to Mars this summer I’ve gotta say, this UFO stuff is….getting a little bit real The Great Span is a treasure I’m a sucker for “battle station” writeups – here’s a decent one (and speaking of caves, Rands is always a great source…More

  • The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office. Dwight D. EisenhowerMore

  • Conversations and ideas with Harry

    It is hard to suss out someone’s motives for discussing ideas without talking with them for a while. I think the best you can do to speed up the process is start paying more attention to the types of conversations you’re having. Recognize when you’re having a conversation about ideas and reflect on the motives…More

  • Doom on Windows 95 inside Minecraft

    As they say, anything will run Doom now.More

  • Ethereum + Reddit?

    I don’t have much context for this, but it looks very cool. Someone combined Ethereum with reddit’s point and tipping system:More

  • Bytes

    A visual representation of how big a gigabyte actually is. One byte = one pixel. From the Recurse Center Really cool. Kind of like those visualizations of how big the solar system is compared with the galaxy and the universe. A gigabyte is HUGE. Check it out here.More

  • Warning Labels

  • The manager’s over-reliance on the direct report’s success and happiness leads to risk-averse behavior, like not giving critical feedback or overcompensating. It also regularly leads to micromanagement. Why it’s easier to manage 4 people than it is to manage 1 personMore

  • Center for Humane Technology

    I was listening to the (excellent) Metamuse podcast and heard about the Center for Humane Technology. I highly recommend reading through their principles (will take 10m max). This is one of my favorite excerpts: Aggressively optimizing for engagement metrics is like taking your hand off the steering wheel. It puts the users’ paleolithic, inherently vulnerable…More

  • Without the first amendment, there is no freedom. Without the second, there is no first. NavalMore

  • John Carmack: Color saturation in a reflection

    I love seeing John Carmack still so active and curious in technical work after decades.More

  • Quick Weds links

    Some quick interesting links for your Wednesday: Interesting idea: School vouchers as Pandemic response An experimental blood test can detect cancer up to 4 years before symptoms Photos of influenza makes from 1918 How to get people to wear masks? (Hint: don’t be condescending or angry)More

  • The Rise of Secular Religion and the New Puritanism

    A friend recently sent me one of the best podcast episodes I’ve heard in a long time. You must listen to it. (And have a laugh at the name of the podcast series, The Art of Manliness 😂) I’ve always loved the book The Meeting of East and West because it gave a historical chronology…More

  • John Cleese from 30 years ago

    This video is 3 minutes long and it is 30 years old.More

  • Mars images in 4k

  • Monday Links

    Some interesting links for your Monday: Biggest regional protests in Russia in a decade The best photos of comet Neowise Dreaming in Git (This has definitely happened to me) The end of the Arab world’s oil age is nigh Some good tips on being an optimistic manager The relationship between Bloom’s 2-sigma, indie game development,…More

  • Screenshot Essays

    Stumbled upon this site: All that’s fit to print on a single iPhone screenshot. I think this is a cool idea! Longer from than Twitter, shorter than a long-form blog post. Check it out. I particularly like the Ebay / Shopify essay.More

  • Latest iOS can randomize MAC addresses

     iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 include a feature that periodically changes the MAC address your device uses with each Wi-Fi network. This randomized MAC address is your device’s private Wi-Fi address for that network—until the next time it joins with a different address. From 512 PixelsMore

  • Sunday Links

    Some interesting links for your Sunday. On the Intellect of the Octopus What can Bonobos teach us about natural language? The shareware scene that was Doom Thinking about Slack as a social network From Naval: Groups search for consensus, individuals search for truth Tails OS is a portable operating system that protects your privacy and…More

  • Home brewing a Hazy IPA

    Why not? Here are some photos from yesterday’s brew. I got the recipe at Just Brew It and supplies from various people on FB Marketplace and Craigslist. So far this has been a fun hobby – can’t wait to bottle it and taste!More

  • Equality and progress

    Had a random thought yesterday. Most discussions I’ve had about Marxist ideas and communism tend to escalate when I refer to the Soviet Union. The argument I hear is that correlation does not equal causation – just because things went wrong in the Soviet Union doesn’t mean Communism itself is bad. I’ll grant that’s theoretically…More