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  • German Home Movie from 1933

    A really cool remastered home movie from Berlin in 1933. It really drives home the point that the citizens of Germany were normal, every day people. The Nazis provided many of them with pride and hope. We should keep this in mind.More

  • Beijing on the blockchain

    Fascinating! The government’s main goals in the plan are to build a blockchain-based unified framework for digital governance, facilitate data-sharing between agencies and businesses, and enable cross-departmental and cross-regional collaboration. Many of the applications here are data sharing across different types of organizations. It’s like they see the government as a sort of giant cross…More

  • What journalists should know about the atomic bombings

    Americans in particular use the atomic bombings as a short-hand for thinking about vitally important present-day issues like the ends justifying the means, who the appropriate targets of war are, and the use of force in general. Unfortunately, quite a lot of what Americans think they know about the atomic bombs is dramatically out of…More

  • Friday links

    Some links to kick off your Friday: How restaurants run by immigrants are surviving and thriving Five different ways to rate In any conversation, there are adders and subtractors A (very difficult) simulator of the SpaceX ISS docking process – try it! A fun iteration on tetris Silk interactive generative art A collection of photos…More

  • Tuesday links

    Some interesting links for your Tuesday: Mortal combat actors vs. characters Internet traffic is up 20% due to the pandemic – and it is performing just fine A spot-on satire of why $FAMOUS COMPANY switched to $HYPED_TECH Six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months in 1965 A collection of 2020 Big Picture Competition winners The…More

  • Monday morning links

    Happy Monday! Here are some interesting things things to read about to start your week: Astronomy Picture of the Day: Radio, The Big Ear, and the Wow! Signal The ethics of benefiting financially from the adversity of others How is May likely go proceed, given the last month? UFOs. Should we take this stuff seriously?…More

  • Friday links

    Here are some interesting links for today heading into the weekend: What is the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda over the last decade or two, through the next 50 years? Highly recommended. Start at paragraph #5. From 1990: Wile E. Coyote vs. Acme Company Jason Crawford on Organizational Metabolism and the for-profit advantage Auren Hoffman with…More

  • Monday morning links

    Some interesting links for your Monday: Trust me, watch this all the way to the end (less than a minute) James Bond author Ian Fleming received a critical letter in 1956 regarding Bond’s firearm A 2 minute video by Andy Grove from an unknown date briefly explaining OKRs What can we learn from The Amish when…More

  • Friday links

    File this one under “Things people will pay for during a global pandemic”: Add a farm animal to your corporate video call for under $100 On a related note, you probably need a haircut Indoor vs. outdoor spread of covid-19 (hint: indoors is worse) Colorado governor responds well to comparison w/ Nazism Wolfrom’s essay on…More

  • Wednesday Morning Links

    Some interesting links for your Wednesday: Matt Levine from Bloomberg on reverse bank runs, WeWork, and more Just another friendly reminder that brain parasites exist and they are largely terrifying NASA is bringing back the retro logo An outstanding post on the unshakeable relationship between inequality and risk How is the cloud holding up during…More

  • Ray Dalio on The Global Economy

    I highly recommend watching the whole thing, but I wanted to share my notes from Ray Dalio’s recent TED interview: (My) Summary We are going to experience a depression similar to the 1930s – 1945 Reading and studying history yields principles that can be applied to the current situation, this is not unprecedented It is…More

  • Build vs Buy

    In the build versus buy decision, most companies put the majority of their energy into identifying risk, which has its place, but often culminates in a robust not invented here culture that robs the core business of attention. To avoid that fate, it’s important to spend at least as much time on the value that…More

  • Tuesday morning links

    A reminder: As great as Tahoe is, you are not allowed to visit right now. Please stay home. Some links for you today: How journalists and news organizations should be treating the White House Two links from David Albrecht: On anti-authoritarian thinking and a great analogy on the decision of how to disperse stimulus funds…More

  • Saturday evening links

    Some interesting links from the last couple of days: What happens when you take functional programming concepts and apply them to higher level architecture? Turns out, social distancing was a thing during the Black Death When might experimental drugs be available for COVID-19? A high-signal, low-noise exploration of what makes some coworking spaces successful and…More

  • Thursday morning links

    Some interesting links for your Thursday morning: A fascinating story about an amateur search for missing German tourists in Death Valley A decent writeup of how and why business finance is different from personal finance, and why it’s usually wrong to make blanket statements about businesses based on how you operate your personal finances A…More

  • Tuesday random links

    Interesting links for your Tuesday evening: A synopsis of what’s happening economically Going behind the back of Steve Jobs and other stories. Always love reading these Outstanding speech by Jeff Bezos about values. Worth a watch if you can spare the time. I really find this useful: Product decisions can be modeled as functions A…More

  • Weekly Roundup

    My favorite links from this week: 1914 footage of Chief Iron Tail (Oglala Lakota model for the buffalo nickel) David Sacks on what makes great leadership communication Putin will be in power for longer than any Russian ruler in 450 years Refactoring legacy code with the Strangler Fig pattern How did AWS come to be?…More

  • The End of Visual Basic

    I spent almost 6 years as CTO of an online education company. We helped teach thousands of students the craft of programming that allowed them to go from complete newbie to employed software developers. As such, I feel qualified to say that the current state of beginner programming languages is much worse than it was…More

  • Weekly Roundup

    Here are some of my favorite links from the past week.More

  • Weekly Roundup

    My favorite links from last week: The resorts in Tahoe are coming to a close, meanwhile this bear cub met a snowboarder at Northstar (he should’ve scared it away) Speaking of bears: if you live in Yellowstone, you know how to co-exist with grizzlies One man spent 50 years changing the landscape (8m) About poverty…More

  • On WeWork compared to traditional commercial real estate

    Success was judged by how long you could get someone to lease a building for and how much they were willing to pay. They weren’t asking, is it meeting the needs of the user and are they happy there, are they more productive? Read more.More

  • Weekly Roundup

    My favorite links from last week: The most popular books by state Evidence for Jared Diamond’s continental axis hypothesis A great post about data warehousing (OLTP and OLAP) The physical limits of how and where humanity can travel The advantage of starting from scratch In Russia, it is now illegal to criticize the government online…More

  • Politics in China

    Politics is the division of power, politicking the contest for it. From Reflections on China’s Stalinist Heritage Excellent article.More

  • Weekly Roundup

    My favorite links this week: Great examples of software (semi) rewrites that have actually worked A 14 year old built his own nuclear fusion reactor Liu Cixin on American vs. Chinese Sci-fi Laws and Sausages: Immigration Open Letter from New York State Budget Director Regarding Amazon How one man ditched his phone and unbroke his…More